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Our Latest Rescue..... Jonathan is a sweet, friendly ten year old chi mix who was not being noticed at all while in the shelter.  He was slightly large for a chihuahua and a senior...both of which were strikes against him... He was so friendly that we could not leave him. We were lucky that former adopters were willing to help foster - they simply asked..."Is he in danger?" and I said, " Yes...he won't make out without us, he's not getting any attention." that was all they needed to hear.  He is super friendly and is great with other dogs, 15 pounds, and looks like he is actually mixed with a beagle :) Jonathan could really use a dental - his teeth are really bad... any donations would be greatly appreciated. Click on our donate button below.

Dumped Like Trash!

This adorable family was dumped like trash in the middle of east Los Angeles to fend for themselves. They huddled together under a truck for shelter from the sweltering heat and traffic. Local people with big hearts fed these precious babies scraps, but the streets are no place for little defenseless dogs. They were rescued by friends of ODR and are in a loving foster home together. All four are beautiful, playful, friendly dogs who have gotten a second chance. We prefer that the mommy and daddy stay together, as they are strongly bonded. Daddy (Benny) was a real gent who didn't abandon his family!! The puppies are happy go lucky and will do fine together or in separate homes. We also need donations to help pay for all their shots, spays,  and neuters. Please click on donate button under the Your Donations Matter section below. Thanks!!!


Mom and dad, Benny and Lola, were adopted together into a loving home, while the two babies were adopted into another loving home also!!!!!!!  YAY!!!!
            Lola and Benny                                                      Sprout and Jasmine

This summer, Teddy came to us with a severely broken leg. His parents  signed him away to us because they had "spiritual issues with a three legged dog."  We don't have those kinds of issues....in fact - we love three legged dogs!!!! Dr. Slaton at West Lake Village Animal Hospital had to amputate the severely broken front leg and Teddy was on his way to a new life except the sudden change in how he walked threw his back knee out :(  Back to Westlake Village AH for a luxating patella repair, care of the amazing Chris Hogan Foundation.
Within a few weeks, a wonderful new mommy offered to foster Teddy through his recovery - something that is very rare to find in rescue. She even drove him to all his follow up appointments :)
Fast forward to today, here is Teddy ready to go on his first journey to New Jersey to visit his new relatives like his Grandma :) !!  Now this is what we call a very spiritually uplifting Happy Ending!!!


Our Mission


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Putting Special Dogs in Good Homes...

One Dog Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit that has found homes for over 200 dogs since 2006.We specialize in the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of abandoned dogs. One Dog Rescue puts special focus on helping special needs dogs who are red listed to be euthanized at local shelters. We generally rescue small dogs but we do rescue larger dogs on occasion, as well as birds and cats. We also have a few dogs that become sanctuary dogs. These tend to be delicate seniors who stay with us forever as mascots. We deal with all of their medical needs and give them loving homes to retire in. All we ask is that they let us take lots of photos of them enjoying their new lives. ODR found homes for over 200 dogs, many of which were once special needs dogs with dim prospects for survival who are now thriving.

The team at ODR loves what they do but needs your help to survive. Small or large donations are greatly appreciated.  Every penny goes directly to the care of our dogs.  Since many of our dogs are special needs, we have to adopt from the shelter and pay for any necessary medical operations.  Then we house, feed, rehabilitate and care for each dog until they are recovered and have found a suitable home.

Please visit our Before and After section to see some of the great work we've done for some awesome dogs!

How you can help:

We are grateful for any donation, every bit helps. All donations are tax deductible.

Please make checks payable to One Dog Rescue  

please mail to:
One Dog Rescue
Giving Friends a Second Chance
PO Box 757
Tujunga, CA 91043

For credit card or debit card donations, please visit our PAYPAL donations page.

Where You Can Meet Us

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