"Giving friends a second chance"

 Helpful links and Tips


FRIENDS OF 1DogRescue.com

   //www.facebook.com/westlakevet (Dr. Slaton and his staff have helped us so much!!)
    //www.facebook.com/EastValleyVet.MarkHohneDVM  (Dr. Hohne and his staff have helped us for many years!))
    //www.facebook.com/pages/Uniting-for-Little-Kenny-G/115778515185525  (This is our most famous rescue!! Learn his sstory and follow his new life here!)
   //www.facebook.com/pages/Captain-N-Freddie/299161023472381?ref=ts  (Two of our most special rescues ever!!! Follow their happy new lives here!!)

                   //www.facebook.com/groups/52205342007/  (Our good friends who helped us with Kenny G!! They do great work!!)

                   //www.facebook.com/pages/Poppy-Victoria-Productions-Photography/100349416735471 (If you need photography!)

   //www.facebook.com/causefourpawsfoodpantry  (This is a cause we should all get behind. They help those in need of financial assistance so they can keep their pets in these tough times)

  //www.facebook.com/PrayersForPatrick  (Never forget Patrick's journey and his legacy)
  //www.facebook.com/patrickspantry  (One special dog lead to so many special causes)

  http://calpetcenter.com/index.php/contact-us/ (THE place to shop for healthy pet food in Woodland Hills!!)